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My Spare Part

It was a divine moment when I set my eyes on you,
For up until then, my line of sight had caught very few.
It was so long back, I can’t remember exactly when,
But my heart knew, with whom days n nights I’d like to spend.

At first it may have been a friendship when I just saw u often,
But gradually in your magic spell my world began to spin.
I have been happy with the world but happier with you,
‘Coming home”, it turned out, had a definition anew.

Over the years our relationship has grown stronger,
And sometimes I still wish time spent with u each day was longer.
With you having grown sleeker, slimmer and more fun,
How could anyone doubt that you are my special one? ;)

When I needed support, you were always there for me,
With your kind eyes melting away my misery.
Your tales of hope, grit, pain, joy n love,
Transported me to a cozy place where I felt enveloped.

You weren’t preachy but certainly haven’t preached in vain,
Unlike for others, for you I never experienced disdain.
What have I experienced for you, you may ask?
And here I realize you have never put me to a task.

But today is different when I see you holding still,
You’re still smiling at me yet your eyes are a-fill.
This subsurface pain that is paralyzing you today,
‘The task’ I realize, is to convey that it’s no more welcome to stay.

Don’t you worry my love, you’ll be good in no time,
We’ll celebrate your comeback with cherries and wine.
Just remember your special place in my heart,
But for u I’d be a broken machine as you’re my spare part.

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