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Of free falling, letting go and silence...

Oh I can feel as the gravity beckons me, 
I can feel it's tug hard and pull ever so strong.
Through each of the mattress, the bed, the air,
And then finally the earth, where we all belong.
If it's exhaustion or the moment of truth,
I have to admit I'm afraid I just don't know.
Right now all i really wanna be or do is,
To just not fight it and be one with the flow.
Ever managed to release yourself from,
Chains of physical, spiritual or mental kind?
With assistance of illegal susbstances, 
Or meditation, got rid of the perennial bind?
The free falling that musical legends mention,
And the letting go that shrinks call panacea.
Be one with darkness and silence together,
You could close your eyes to get the idea.
To be in the world and yet removed from it,
Holds the precious key to my periodic salvation.
Costs nothing but still returns enormous value,
It's my most priceless spiritual vacation.
Ah well, the commentary stops now, for now,
I'm off to another journey within so deep.
C'mon, it's not like I'm going to meet my maker,
Just to the welcoming, rhythmic arms of sleep.

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