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You got the pink slip

You were a great employee,

Your appraisals were always 'outstanding ',
But when feedbacks began to take a dip,
You got the pink slip.
Your weren't just a good performer,
You brought so much to the table,
But when your 'figures' began to slip,
You got the pink slip.
You were the one they always wanted,
Your skills amazed them no bound,
But when your greatness sometimes took a skip,
You got the pink slip.
You used to be considered iconic ,
Your personality traits/ quirks, their ideals.
But when perfection faucet began to drip,
You got the pink slip.
You brought everybody together, and kept
morales and achievements, always high.
But when you became a deserted ship,
You got the pink slip.
You were also the party starter,
Your EQ made for the best confidante.
But when your inner strength began to chip,
You got the pink slip.
But everyone makes mistakes,
And sometimes let go of who they cherish.
Erroneous humans gave you the pink slip,
Wiser humans would call it a blip.


  • It's superb. Range of emotions and experiences that v all who seek more from life than mere domesticity, go through. Yet so positive in approach. Yea it's true the good and not-so-good experiences are just that, experiences, which though form us but are not whole of us! Brilliant! Keep it up!

  • Thank you for the wonderfully encouraging words. Though like my most other works, it's metaphorical in nature.
    I'm glad you could find relevance with it in a wider scale, though. You're encouragement means a lot. Thanks again.

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