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Paging Ms Time, I have a question for you

Time, my friend, you have to tell me,

How is it that you have managed to be,

By yourself for all of eternity,

Being solo but not lonely?

They say you are a great teacher,

Able instructor but not a preacher,

Killing students who reached her,

Most respected of all creatures!

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

Journeys from Indus valley to Cairo,

Joy, jealousy, anger, and sorrow,

Lifetime of emotions borrowed!

You’ve got such a troll following,

They are all really just wallowing,

Trying to kill you with idle rowing,

Or prostrate with their heads bowing.

Nobody manages to come close,

If they can even get over being morose,

Nobody compares you to rainbows,

Only think of you as darkness abode.

You leave behind no descendants, no legacy,

Just humans following the circle of ecstasy,

If you were an ocean, you’d be without piracy,

Or the perfect lover, with no jealousy.

Give me tips to live through you better,

Through weather that’s dry or wetter,

Leave behind no creditor or debtor,

Your word I’ll follow to the letter.

This solo journey is quite a handful,

Before it gets good it’s just dreadful,

Aging rapidly, I’m just so rueful,

Staying tight-lipped when I have a mouthful.

If and when I do learn enough about you,

I’m not sure I’ll ever be allowed to,

Pass on the learning like Lao Tsu,

Have anybody a chance to appreciate you.

Even so, why wont you just tell me,

How is it that you manage to be,

All by yourself for eternity,

Respectfully solo, but not lonely?


Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay 

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