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  • Let there be light!

    I was sittin in the veranda, 
    Making a house of cards,
    You blew right in, 
    And caught me off guard.

    I heaved a sigh, 
    Still managed a smile,
    You were a cool breeze,
    Blowing at twenty a mile.

    I enjoyed ur touch,
    As you ruffled my hair,
    Closed my eyes in abandon,
    As I felt u here n there.

    I welcomed u home,
    Wanted you by my side,
    As I saw you getting rough,
    I had to shift back inside.

    You were gaining momentum,
    By the moment, turning wild,
    I hurried to draw curtains,
    N pull down the blinds.

    You were calling in ur folks,
    Your mother n sister,
    Lightning, torrential rain,
    A potential twister.

    I'd expected u alone,
    Not only in the beginning!
    Didn't I as an invitation,
    Hold much meaning?

    As u moved wildly,
    You got your groove,
    U carried on unconcerned,
    Unperturbed; unmoved.

    As you shook my heart,
    My ceiling, walls n ground,
    You were really scaring me now.
    With that God awful sound!

    I shrank to the floor shivering,
    Even crying unaware,
    You froze me with ur look,
    That cold cold stare.

    I was longing for warmth,
    Feeling scared n lonely.
    Was missing the tenderness,
    It'd lasted for moments, only.

    I relived ur genteel touch
    of earlier, in my mind,
    Wishing to the heavens,
    U wud again be kind.

    Like this I dunno how many,
    Hours i'd managed to pass.
    When I awoke, alone,
    I cud see shards of glass.

    Flowers were strewn,
    Vases lay broken,
    Dead fish in the pot,
    A sad, heartless token.

    While u were around,
    Hell had broken loose.
    My hand crept to forehead,
    Swollen with a bruise.

    It was an eerie quiet,
    After ur noisy night visit.
    First thought in my head was,
    I wasn't gonna miss it.

    As I walked outside.
    Was greeted by the sun.
    My constant fren over time,
    The reliable one.


    I smiled at my mistake,
    The sadness was wrong.
    After the turbulent night,
    Here I was still standing strong.

    As I heaved another sigh,
    A smile caught my face,
    Was just time to pick up pieces,
    And tidy up the place.

    I'll cherish my family,
    Make new friends,
    For the ones I cant find,
    My way, He'll send.

    My world is beautiful again,
    Sunny or cloudy, but bright.
    O' deliver us from darkness,
    Let there be light!