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  • Flight plan

    As I lay at night trying to sleep, it turns out
    there are other plans made by my mind.
    When silence makes the only sound,
    I reminisce cloudy milestones I left behind.

    That compound with its birds of a feather,
    whose flock I never managed to join.
    As I look back trying to visualize, whether,
    my fate was on the other side of the coin.

    That first male who professed his lurrve,
    whose naive promises my naïveté believed.
    The proverbial well into which I then dove,
    'n the un-drowning life lessons I received.

    That reflection in the well had me shocked,
    with face, appearance and body language.
    And the unusual confident streak mocked,
    lo, the fledgling was a bird out of its cage!

    That awful flight with the amazing 'boss',
    A combination that begged for a change,
    My struggle with accepting it just as it was,
    As I finally realized it outta my flight range.

    That vision of the perfect nest, its features
    would simply need be warmth and space.
    As I found it bordering jungle creatures,
    I decided to mingle with them unfazed.

    That  metamorphosis I could self-witness,
    being in the picture and strangely out of it.
    The bird had flown its nest, a wanderess,
    untamed and yet uncaught; proud of it.

    birdie num num.jpg
    But, 'uncaught' is a beautiful thing as it,
    spells magnetism they find hard to resist.
    Chase relentlessly with their might and wit,
    Tirelessly, yet blindly they just persist!

    I wonder how long shall I manage, staying
    untethered and free-spirited despite it all,
    I find myself as I often do - praying,
    flying high or low, just wish I'd never stall!