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My world - Page 4

  • My raison d'etre!

    From as far back as my memory goes,
    The day on Mother Earth I set my toes,
    Numerous things for me have been done,
    I have been special and treated like one,
    Forever protected from various dangers,
    Saved from the prying eyes of strangers,
    Been allowed to enjoy my presents on earth,
    But while ensuring that I realize their worth,
    From the pram1, tricycle, bike and car,
    I have been safe in the journey so far,
    With moments of tension and those of worry,
    No major events which’d make me sorry,
    Seasons have changed and years passed,
    The whole transition has been pretty fast,
    I can smile when I look back at yesterday,
    Each night of gloom showed way to a happy day.

    ‘Tis just because of You, You and your kind self,
    Your my raison’d’etre, actually, my life itself!
    Keep me with You forever, and never go away,
    That I’m alone with my shadow, there is no day.
    Answer my and others’ prayers, like You’ve so far done,
    When I know You’re kind to all, I’m not the only one!

    1Pram - Perambulator

  • Is it the time to ...?

    My arms outstretched, And new wings to fly. Wth new enthusiasm, And eyes on the sky. I had a wish, To soar up and high. With unknown energy, An unprecedented try, I started my flight, With a satisfied sigh. Flying here, everywhere, Enormous fun, my, oh my! Bright sunny day, And the clouds were dry, But, It all suddenly ended, I began to cry. My wish was fulfilled, But only for a short while. Why was it shortlived, Why my fate, to me, lied? Wanna know my future, Into my fatebook, wanna pry. And, Is my life finally over, Is it the time to die?

  • Winds of Change

    After some time I’m feeling this way, Feeling lonely and feeling dismay. In just near past, laughter was around, There was talk, n cheerful sound. I was feeling happy, feeling content, Years of my life, I’d happily spent. Made friends, who’d always be there, Who would love me, who’d care. I was different for ‘the rest of the world’, For my people, I was their pearl. I opened up to them, felt comfortable, Made my cribs, however unreasonable. They let me be myself n not pretend, This is how, difficult times I’d spend. But, now it seems, times have changed, I’m feeling empty, feelin’ strange. Shadows are close, always near me, It’s the warm bodies which elude me. Often, I feel I’ve reached the destination, Alas, t’was just another hallucination. Pretence is the price I have to pay, For making people with me, stay. There’s a lot of haziness, fog all around, That have no answers, such questions abound.

    Had lovely breezes flowing for quite long, Or, that’s what seemed while t’was hail n storm. Spring might have set in, flowers abloom, Feels like autumn, sprinkled with gloom. Oh, where lies my treasure, Of cheers, laughter and absolute pleasure? Of gratitude in prayers, n peace of mind, A relaxing feeling, “I can now unwind”. I can’t change people, not even time, But somehow, the tinkling wind chimes, Say the breeze will again flow, Tearing mist apart, the Sun will show. My friends, acquaintances will stay near, Who make me find this life so dear. Winds of change will surely set in, Which will make me happy, deep within!