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My world - Page 5

  • Miss You So...

    Oh darling, I miss you so, You not here, is my woe, Why at all did you go away? Was it your word, or my say? I want you to care for me, Share each of my agony,girl_blurry_train.jpg Tell me that I’m not alone, Promise you’ll never be gone. I want you by my side, So that I can hold you tight, When I don’t even know, Why it is that I am feeling low. Can you come back now? I won’t let you go, I vow, I’ll tell how much I care, Moments of love, darling, are rare, Pamper and spoil me with love, Still it’ll never be enough, Give me warmth and comfort, Tell me you are my Sweetheart, Shower on me, your emotions, It’ll work like magic potion, I will fulfill all your whims, Light of love’ll never be dim, Lips sealed with a kiss, Oh, our moments of bliss, Lost in your embrace, Will be my sacred space, I have to tell you all of this, It’s you, whom I badly miss, Oh come back, please do, You know, yes, I love you. (32)

  • Ur free!


    Take all your space u want, Not gonna bother u nomore, Life with me for u’s not gud, I end up making it a bore. You r a free bird, The sky’s open for u, Spread ur wings as much as u want, U just hv urself to stop u. I ain’t not gonna bug u, Nomore gonna not let u sleep, M on my own too, My own shoulder on, to weep. Made u stay just with me, Was cruel, controlling ur life, Guess m not the one, Meant to b ur wife. Each flower doesn’t smell well, That does, might not b real, M one such fakie, Go, get urself another gal. Nomore trying not to hurt me, Ur freed of all ur chains, Plz stay away from me, Might relieve u of ur pains. Restrictions r now gone, Grow ur beard, fag n booze, M gonna stay in my cocoon now, Goin’ now for a long snooze. Shudn’t love u by changing u, Prob’ly accept u the way u are, But, now not a possibility, Me has gone really really far (away). So, lemme say my gudbye, Had the time of my life with u, Who could make me feel so gud, Alas, are people very few! (36)

  • You


    My world did seem complete, But, still I missed someone, For whom, my heart'd beat, Whom I could be with, dusk till dawn; Whose words would be true, And heart like a lotus, pure, Who'd bring me outta moods blue, With whom, life would be so sure; Who'd love me for what I am, And wouldn't wish to see me change, Who will be just my Man, With whom, I don't feel strange; Who'd understand my heart, And the emotions it tries to contain, Whose company'd provide comfort, Who would feel all my pain; Whose touch would be gentle, Whose love would be a balm, Whose words'd be sentimental, With whom, I would feel calm; Who'd make me feel like a woman, Tender, warm and strong, Who'd be an imperfect human, But for perfection, who'd long; Whose company I'd cherish, As life's bestest treasures, Whose love'd ne'er vanish, Who'd gimme my special pleasures; Who’d be the one with me, Who would be my ‘The One', For whom, I'd thank THEE, Yes, I dreamed for such a ‘someone'. Now, I can open my eyes, My dream has come true, I've found my soulmate for life, Who'll be with me all through! (36)