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Poetic Interlude - Page 4

  • Let there be light!

    I was sittin in the veranda, 
    Making a house of cards,
    You blew right in, 
    And caught me off guard.

    I heaved a sigh, 
    Still managed a smile,
    You were a cool breeze,
    Blowing at twenty a mile.

    I enjoyed ur touch,
    As you ruffled my hair,
    Closed my eyes in abandon,
    As I felt u here n there.

    I welcomed u home,
    Wanted you by my side,
    As I saw you getting rough,
    I had to shift back inside.

    You were gaining momentum,
    By the moment, turning wild,
    I hurried to draw curtains,
    N pull down the blinds.

    You were calling in ur folks,
    Your mother n sister,
    Lightning, torrential rain,
    A potential twister.

    I'd expected u alone,
    Not only in the beginning!
    Didn't I as an invitation,
    Hold much meaning?

    As u moved wildly,
    You got your groove,
    U carried on unconcerned,
    Unperturbed; unmoved.

    As you shook my heart,
    My ceiling, walls n ground,
    You were really scaring me now.
    With that God awful sound!

    I shrank to the floor shivering,
    Even crying unaware,
    You froze me with ur look,
    That cold cold stare.

    I was longing for warmth,
    Feeling scared n lonely.
    Was missing the tenderness,
    It'd lasted for moments, only.

    I relived ur genteel touch
    of earlier, in my mind,
    Wishing to the heavens,
    U wud again be kind.

    Like this I dunno how many,
    Hours i'd managed to pass.
    When I awoke, alone,
    I cud see shards of glass.

    Flowers were strewn,
    Vases lay broken,
    Dead fish in the pot,
    A sad, heartless token.

    While u were around,
    Hell had broken loose.
    My hand crept to forehead,
    Swollen with a bruise.

    It was an eerie quiet,
    After ur noisy night visit.
    First thought in my head was,
    I wasn't gonna miss it.

    As I walked outside.
    Was greeted by the sun.
    My constant fren over time,
    The reliable one.


    I smiled at my mistake,
    The sadness was wrong.
    After the turbulent night,
    Here I was still standing strong.

    As I heaved another sigh,
    A smile caught my face,
    Was just time to pick up pieces,
    And tidy up the place.

    I'll cherish my family,
    Make new friends,
    For the ones I cant find,
    My way, He'll send.

    My world is beautiful again,
    Sunny or cloudy, but bright.
    O' deliver us from darkness,
    Let there be light!

  • Spring O’ Spring, don’t come this year

    Spring O spring don’t come this year,                             

    Cuz with blossoms and smells you’ll bring a tear,

    Or two to my now wet eyes,

    And I’m hoping they would finally dry.

    Each year you have been anxiously awaited,

    With hopes and dreams, breaths bated,

    For a season of happy swings,

    The range of emotions these would bring,

    From simple joy to ecstasy,

    No one else I’d wish to be.

    Go out with pals, frolic and celebrate,

    Joie de vivre would not abate.

    Dandelions, sour cherry and other flowers,

    Getting caught in warm love showers.

    Presents of many a thoughtful gesture,

    Would then be the cause of (eye) moisture,

    Unlike today whence each passing day,

    Is sometimes a growing cause of dismay.

    It seems that seven and twenty years past,

    The skies must’ve been overcast,

    With a threat of thunder showers and rain,

    Of fears, trouble and to some, pain.

    Chill in the air and grey in the skies,

    Autumn - the name when hope dies.


    sad flowers.jpg

    Spring to see and autumn to feel,

    Oh it’s a terrible ordeal.

    Why don’t you just vanish away?

    And we’ll pretend you ne’er came this way.

    Come back when heart confirms what eyes see,

    Not a cacophony but a sweet melody;

    Not promises and hearts asunder,

    Not painful showers following thunder.

    Oh come back then and I’ll wait for you,

    I’ll treat you good and give what’s due.

    I’ll thank the Lord and say a prayer,

    Not a tear I’ll hide, but a laughter I’ll share!

  • Cold November Rain

    Lilies and daisies, each in innocent white,


    Adorned the venue, t’was a visual delight.


    Rows after rows of chairs laid in wait,


    Of guests for the occasion who were coming late.


    A few were already seated, in their best clothes,


    Faces had smiles; n hands, petals of rose(s).


    The celebration made for an exciting trip,


    The couple was uniting on a huge ship.


    The November morning was bright, sunny and gay,


    It held promise of being a lovely n pleasant day.


    Gradually, the chairs filled, all were in,


    Waiting eagerly for the ceremony to begin.


    Wedding bells rang and the music began,


    ‘The bride is here’, the little kid ran.


    She with her father, maids of honour in tow,


    They came in slowly and stood in a row.


    She was handed over, by her father to her ‘man’,


    In the name of the Lord, the ceremony began.


    ‘The groom is lucky to have such a lovely bride,


    And so was she, for her knight in armour, stood beside.’


    Such were the hushed tones, whispers around,


    ‘They make a lovely couple’, such thoughts abound.


    Vows were made, and the rings exchanged,


    Suddenly there were clouds, the weather changed.


    And lo, a tumultuous wave shook the ship,


    The groom frowned and loosened his grip.


    Anyways, the ‘man’ and his wife united in a kiss.


    With thoughts of future, life full of bliss.


    The kiss however, had an unprecedented effect on the groom.


    The deck was suddenly filled with instant gloom.


    Thunder gurgled and the lightning struck,


    So down came the rain with drops of muck.


    Who flee the altar, the first one who ran,


    T’was alas a rat, not a man!


    He deserted the ship, jumped into the bay,


    ‘Stood up’ on his wife, on their wedding day.



    She stood alone, aghast at the sight,


    Her feet frozen, n face was sheet-white.


    For she couldn’t believe, it just wasn’t true,


    The audience scrambled, rushed for shelter too.


    ‘Groom’ off the ship, now the weather changed again,


    What came down wasn’t muck, but clear rain.


    In a matter of minutes, this also stopped,


    But not before it drained her, of happiness robbed.


    Wasn’t she better deserted today, than caged for life,


    Having had to live with and called a rat’s wife?


    The realization had struck, for she began to move,


    She urged her guests to come back, n with her, groove.


    The party began then, the feast served,


    She was free again, with the freedom she deserved.


    The rat saw from far, the celebrations in full swing,


    He regretted his departure, now no one missed him.


    Life laid ahead of him and her, their own once again,


    Yet, cursed the act of nature, the cold November rain.