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World around

  • I Wonder...

    Sometimes I wonder why the sky is blue. How the Sun comes every morn shining thru, Why the grass is green; the roses red, How the flowers have so much fragrance to spread, Why the weather is pleasant when the wind blows, How the stream gushes and the river flows, Why do we have seasons, rain, autumn n spring, How the Sun has so much light to bring? Why the sparrows chatter; the cuckoos kook, How’s the water so fresh in a muddy brook? Why are the trees big and small, How the mewing of a calf sounds like a call? I keep pondering on and on and on, ‘N wonder if it’s work of GOD’s magic waunde. The answer gradually appears in my mind, It sure was easy not hard to find.i_wonder....2.jpgAnd for us all to enjoy these moments of bliss. Thus, HE created HIS beautiful estate, For man and others to celebrate. (20)