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  • ...and they lived happily ever after?


    It was a dream come true,
    With the prince of her dreams,
    Ariel was sailin’ through,

    the ocean that was once her home,
    Where with her frenz n sisters,
    She’d freely and happily roam.

    Adventurous and innocent, her traits,
    Which got her in trouble,
    Like a fish to its bait.

    Still, a darling of her father, Princess of the Sea,
    Beautiful and fair,
    Queen of Land to be.

    A simple crush transformed her life,
    In love with a man,
    She dreamed to be his wife.

    Unfortunately she had no legs, but a heart, sad,
    And beautiful fins and tail,
    She wished she never had had.

    Her sadness reflected in her father’s eyes,
    Pained to see her like this,
    Triton thought t’was puppy love, ‘n she, unwise.

    Finally the sorrowful blue eyes, made him relent,
    to a wave of his scepter on Ariel’s tail,
    A magic he hoped, he doesn’t repent.

    Twinkling eyes, and a pristine wedding gown,
    A beautiful boat and wedding ceremony,
    The amounts of food and wine gulped down,

    were enough to make her feel satisfied,
    ‘N unregretful of her sacrifice,
    So, she’d bade her only acquaintances her final goodbye.

    She’s headed towards land, an unfamiliar territory,
    With only Eric and her adventurous spirit,
    To trust, ‘n save her from any major worry.

    She’d listened to her heart and took the decision,
    But how long would the momentary joy,
    Continue to cloud her lifelong vision?

    Shouldn’t she have listened to her mind?
    ‘N not thought of a stranger from yesterday,
    As an extension of her family so kind.

    Well till she axes her feet, she won’t miss her tail,
    She cannot imagine a world without Eric,
    Or how listening to her heart could make her fail?

    So, let her be deaf in laughter and its sound,
    If not on Eric and her adventurous self,
    On her family’s prayers ‘n God’s blessings she can count!