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  • Kindness is not a virtue!

    Never say ‘yes’ when u wanna say ‘no’,
    Listen to your heart, ‘n what it has to say, know.
    For never in a bargain, you get gold,
    In this market called world, where emotions are sold.

    Use your head if you have one; put it to good use,
    Don’t knock on ur heart’s (door), its overworked, abused.
    For in matters of life and issues like love,
    Kindness isn’t a virtue; the symbol of danger not of two doves.

    A ‘no’ can only make you feel guilty of not saying ‘yes’,
    But at least of not putting your heart under duress!
    While a ‘yes’ shall fetch you a life full of regret,
    Centuries of wasted emotions, tears and sweat.

    Kindness is a need, for the ‘day to day’ life,
    But becomes a luxury, when choosing your man or wife.
    You become a pauper if you practice your virtue,
    While you stay a prince (ss) if you close ur eyes on ur feelings true.

    So choose what u wanna be in life, a pauper or a prince,
    Forgimme for I say frankly, my words I do not mince.
    I have used my heart and head, both in this advice,
    For listening to my heart once, I’ve paid a heavy price!

  • …Two Parallel Lines!

    In times of trouble, by each others’ side,

    Happy times meant a nice joyful ride

    They liked to be called “Friendly dark lines”

    They were what you call two parallel lines.


    Each a strong line, not to be blurred,

    At times when weak, one ‘o them silently suffered,

    They shared a lot which stretched thru time,

    They were what you call two parallel lines.


    The friendship was altered, feelings progressed,

    One by one their love was expressed,

    The ride continued though love traveled miles,

    They were what you call two parallel lines.


    Other lines they knew expressed their surprise,

    “Love is expensive, one ‘o you has to pay a huge price”,

    Desperate to test it, whether it meant charges or fines,

    They were what you call two parallel lines.


    The price was heavy, their course they had to alter,

    Carefully intersect at a point no chance to falter.

    Alas, we know the fate of intersecting lines is not very fine,

    They were what you call two parallel lines.


    To intersect ‘n to stay parallel means blur ness of entity,

    To one ‘o them a complete loss of identity,

    Now, they can either part or move line on line,

    If they still wanna be called two parallel lines!